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Work Blues

Tammy at work is beginning to really piss me off. I could hear her bitching and bellyaching from my desk even with my headphones on. How is her being 'buried' in work my problem or fault? She's complaining that we're caught up on our work and she isn't. WTF?? Maybe if  you'd do less talking and more typing you wouldn't be so far behind. I do the CMS notes when you bring them, I do the mail and the assigning list when Les needs help and I do the denial letters on top of my own work and we haven't missed a single SLA. So what is your damage? I did a little over 50 letters today so get the fuck off my back.

I know tomorrow we will have three very large days worth of work due but damn bitch, chill the fuck out. You're getting all pissy isn't going to help anyone get anything done. Just shut the fuck up and do your damn work. Period. THAT's how it gets done. No one has ever gotten their work done any faster by moaning and crying about it.

Les isn't much better. I'm glad they moved my desk so I don't have to be right across from her never ending moaning. "Oh I hope I get some terrible disease so I can die. I don't want to be here anymore..." cry me a fucking river you pathetic whiner and die already Jesus Christ. If I was your husband and I had to listen to you all day long I would have left you too. And she's two faced. She sides with Tammy and they commiserate together but as soon as Tammy is gone she's bad mouthing her. And I've heard her do the same thing to me. Bunch of vipers.

Listen Ladies, I am here to do my job and bring home a paycheck, not to listen to your sob stories or stroke your egos. I've had it with all of you! This girl is going to do her job and do it well and without complaint. THAT's what I'm here for. The rest of you can go take a flying leap.