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Baby Step 2

My next baby step has been a lot harder but it will be one of the most important ones on my journey to a happy, healthier me...

DON'T EAT OUT [as much]

I eat out way too much, especially since I got married. This is bad for my waistline but also for my budget. I did the math once and I was shocked to see how much I spent on eating out. And I really only do it when I'm with Cliff, because he's the driver. I was a pedestrian before I met him...still am technically because I still don't know how to drive...but now I have a chauffeur.

I was doing well for the first part of the month. We only went out twice and I managed to have a little over $70 left in my banking account when my next pay day came around. Most of the time I'm lucky not to go negative. Or else I end up with only a few bucks to my name and I'm praying no bills come through before the next pay day. The second half of the month...like this past week...we ate out a lot. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. God dammit why did I cave in!

But I will be strong. I know I can do it. This will be the absolute hardest part of my entire weight loss program. But I plan on setting aside all the money I save by not eating out towards some cool reward or maybe a new wardrobe! Or a dutch bike... something cool and far into the future.

Once or maybe twice a month...and only paying for myself...Way too often I end up paying for both me and my husband and that shit just isn't fair. I pay for the mortgage, utilities, and groceries all by myself. I think he could fend for himself once in a while. Often he'll say I can transfer money from his account into mine to cover his half but more often than not there's nothing for me to transfer over cause he's gone through all of his money already and then I forget to do it and don't remember exactly what his share was. Wow...talk about a run on sentence. whew.

Anyway...say it with me!   DON'T EAT OUT!!

Maybe October will be my no eat out month. I can try!