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Exercise Set Back

In the beginning of August I began going to physical therapy for my osteoarthritis and my therapist asked if I had an exercycle at home. I do somewhere but I have no room for it upstairs and my bad knees keep me from going down into the basement. On top of that the butt and crotch pain I felt from using the bike made me really REALLY not want to use the damn thing.

However, I used to have a small desk cycle that I'd lent to Jackie at work. Well I asked for it back, after apologizing profusely. And have been riding it ever since...that is until tonight when it broke. I was watching an episode of the Bill Engvall show on Youtube just pedaling away when BaM! The rod for the pedals broke off. It was a clean break too...looks like it was sawed in two...perhaps the friction was too much or the heat? It does tend to get hot to the touch after I've been riding it for awhile.

Now how the hell am I gonna lose weight. Cycling in my office chair was easy on my poor butt and fun because I can do it without too much fuss while playing at the computer. Exercise while watching youtube videos or playing texas hold'em what could be better!

I've got to get a new one but it will have to wait until after the 4th. [next pay day]